8/22 Kellita in Love Sandwich at Stagwerx

An afternoon of scrumptious stories and bodytales on love with Lisa Kotecki Kellita Maloof and Julie Gieseke
Tickets here! www.lisalive.net

August 22nd, 2pm

Produced by: Lisa Kotecki
Co-produced by: Kellita Maloof
Epic Artwork by: Julie Gieseke

Yep – we’re talking about the four letter word of all words; L-O-V-E that has some people swooning, others running for the hills, and some taking their clothes off in public . With love pools, love funnels and love rules, this show will explore the experience of what it means to feel love, fall in love, embody love, lose love, and all the delicious ambiguity in between.

About the shows:

Funnel of Love: Proven Love Hacks to find your One or Many, By Lisa Kotecki
The rules of dating have changed… alot since Lisa was last single. Enter Lisa Lovejoy, the expert Love Professor, who is here to show you how to hack the online dating system so you can find your one… or many. (Hey she isn’t judging!) Yes, these online dating stories and data really are true, yet stranger than fiction.

Bodytales on Love, by Kellita Maloof
What do NLP, EFT, ESL, InterPlay, Constellations, Burlesque, Carnaval, Showgirl dance and Ho’opoono have in common? Why, Kellita, the loveball Showgirl Shaman, of course. What can this Showgirl Shaman do for you on her day off? Come & see for yourself. And be sure to bring 3 of your favorite love songs (or simply your favorite songs) on CD. One just may become the soundtrack of a custom created performance before your very eyes.

Lovepool, By Julie Gieseke
Julie only ever wanted to swim in the Love Pool, but first she must contend with the Love Pool Attendant and learn all the rules about getting in and staying in a pool of love.

Who, what, when, where
Who: Lisa Kotecki, Kellita Maloof, Julie Gieseke
What: Love Sandwich, An Afternoon of Scrumptious Stories and Bodytales of Love
When: August 22nd, 2015, 2:00 PM
Where: Stagewerx, 446 Valenca St, SF CA

Tickets: www.lisalive.net